Next Generation Analytics

StockPulse‘s Financial Cloud AI is a new service which allows to extract structured information from unstructured data, e.g. it will detect financial entities in arbitrary texts like news or tweets. The service is available as an on-demand, real-time analytics engine and is powered by the state-of-the-art streaming technology. Clients can upload or stream their documents to Cloud AI and will receive the evaluated document including all detected structured financial information in milliseconds.

Clients can build a broad variety of financial and other applications on top of StockPulse‘s Cloud AI. Current use cases include automated real-time trading strategies based on social media analytics, screening tools for M&A research, fraud detection and market surveillance, etc. An important part is the multi-layer security technology which Cloud AI operates. This supports clients who have to comply with certain regulatory standards or who process highly sensitive information.

Streaming and ultra-low latency technology

With the flood of data ever increasing handling of these vast amounts requires a shift from traditional processing methods to a new kind of data paradigm: we at StockPulse see data as streams, not batches. With our streaming technology available as an on-demand real-time service clients can easily create their own next generation analytics projects.

Architecture of StockPulse’s Financial Cloud AI


  • StockPulse‘s Cloud AI leverages the full potential of next-generation data analyses, e.g. real-time analytics and on-demand services.
  • It provides a document analysis software as cloud service and on pay-per-use basis.
  • Clients can use StockPulse‘s central AI technology independently from StockPulse’ crawlers and sources.
  • Cloud AI ingests any kind of text document, e.g. from own or proprietary sources.
  • Available as stand-alone service or in addition to sources StockPulse provides by default.
  • Modular structure of tasks enables individual and customized solutions.
  • Very high throughput with ultra-low latency, Cloud AI processes millions of documents each hour.
  • Data security: Your documents are encrypted and will never leave Cloud AI until returned to you. Neither StockPulse nor any third party has any visibility of your documents whatsoever.