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Sentiment analyses of StockPulse allow for many new trading models and strategies perfectly suited for investors, traders, and institutions.

StockPulse services are offered as subscriptions.***


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Daily trading signals from StockPulse A.I.


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Real-time analytics fully customizable


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Computerized access to all features

Price / month (subscription) € 60.00* per region** € 200.00* € 500.00*
Rebate on 12 months subscription 2 months for free! 2 months for free!
Trend Signals: North America, Europe, Asia ✔** ✔ ✔
Trading Opportunities ✔ ✔ ✔
Real-time updates in login area at ✔ ✔ ✔
Maintain personal watchlist ✔ ✔ ✔
Access to StockPulse data ✔ ✔
Sentiment data for forex, indices, and raw materials ✔ ✔
Download of historic data (36 months max) ✔ ✔
Dashboard for personal analyses & calculations ✔ ✔
Access to Pro Tools (Trend Matrix, Market Map, etc.) ✔ ✔
Create signal rules & automatic monitoring ✔ ✔
Access to new services & features in Beta Lab ✔ ✔
Full access to our RESTful API ✔
Data in XML or JSON format ✔
All data in real-time over Websocket ✔
Data delivery through push technology ✔
License**** 1 user 1 user 1 workplace
Price / month (subscription) € 60.00* per region** € 200.00* € 500.00*
Rebate on 12 months subscription 2 months free! 2 months free!

* Prices include VAT.

** StockPulse Signals customers get all data and signals for one region. For additional markets or services separate license fees apply.

*** Your subscription automatically extends for the period you chose during the initial order (e.g. one month or three months, depending on the chosen subscription time). You can cancel your subscription anytime in written form; notice period is seven days before expiration of the current period.

**** The usage of StockPulse Signals, Dashboard, and API is limited to one user or one workplace respectively. Additional licenses on individual request. Sharing, resale, or publication of data and signals provided by StockPulse is prohibited.