Automatic Robo Content for Financial Markets

StockPulse offers unique and field-proven tools for system-driven content production.

StockPulse’s Robo Content works fully automated. Data collection and evaluation happens in real time and is connected with sophisticated machine learning approaches with information from other sources.

Unique and Individual Content

StockPulse delivers unique content, created on an individual level, adapted to specific topic areas and content requirements of customers.

Meaningful rules and flexibility in automatic publishing ensure sustainability and reach of the content (eg avoid text-spinning).


  • Content in real time and around the clock
  • Available in any frequency & highly scalable
  • Relate contents & creates transparency
  • Fully automated and target-oriented customer approach
  • Individual development of tailor-made content

Large Publishers Rely on StockPulse Robo Content

Robo Content from StockPulse is used by several large publishers in Germany already. For example Focus Online integrates StockPulse’s robo news on their website.

StockPulse robo news on Focus Online

We do also operate our own news portal which is based on robo news only. All robo news are created in three languages currently: German, English and Chinese. StockPulse News

StockPulse News in English

StockPulse News in Chinese