• Documentation for StockPulse’s new API version 3
  • Many additional endpoints in API version 3
  • Highlight: short interest data from Germany, UK, and the US
  • Endpoints for fundamental statistics for a company, price ratios, dividends, etc.
  • Improved user management for different API versions
  • New microsites for different API versions and quick overview of recent changes
  • New code samples for Python, PHP, cURL, and Java

We have made a major update for our API and released version 3 in February 2019. Additionally, to general improvements of stability we have added some new and very interesting data sets.

The new documentation can be found here: StockPulse’s API version 3

Please see menu item „NEW IN VERSION 3“ which lists all new endpoints with a short description.

Major Updates

Short interest data

The highlight is short interest data for equities from Germany, UK, and the US. For all three regions we retrieve the data from official websites. The data is updated on a daily basis. In Germany short interest data has to be published on a service called „Bundesanzeiger“. The data is publicly available, however, it is published in a unstructured text format. Our AI programs detect the relevant ticker symbol (e.g. ISIN) in the text and assign it to the respective company. We also match the data with the current market capitalization of the company. This information is also provided in the endpoint result. UK short interest data is obtained from the official FCA website. The data is in the same structure as the German data and is also connected with further information such as the current market capitalization. The US short interest data is retrieved from the official FINRA website. The structure is different compared to the German and UK data. The main difference is the additional provision of these data points:

  • short volume: aggregate reported share volume of executed short sale and short sale exempt trades during regular trading hours
  • short exempt volume: aggregate reported share volume of executed short sale exempt trades during regular trading hours
  • total volume: aggregate reported share volume of all executed trades during regular trading hours

For the German and the UK data there is the percentage of shares which the shorting company is currently holding short („shares_percent_short“).

A sample API result for German short interest data looks like this:
      “id”: 9167,
      “company_short_selling”: “Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management Ltd Vancouver”,
      “isin”: “DE0007257503”,
      “date_short”: “2019-02-26”,
      “shares_percent_short”: 0.58,
      “short_volume”: 187983800,
      “short_exempt_volume”: null,
      “total_volume”: null,
      “updated_at”: 1551259833

Fundamental and technical data

Another central update in version 3 is the addtion of new endpoints that summarize fundamental statistics about a title. For instance we provide an endpoint which provides price-to-earnings, price-to-book, and price-to-sales ratios for a given title and its respective industry.


Furthermore, there are endpoints to retrieve different technical price indicators such as moving averages or RSI.
There is a new endpoint which rates technical, buzz and sentiment indicators for a given title. Every category is assigned with „Buy“, „Hold“, or „Sell“. These ratings are refreshed on a daily basis.


Sample output for Apple Inc., internal StockPulse title_id=3212:
      “date”: “2019-02-01”,
      “pe_ratio”: “Buy”,
      “sma_price”: “Hold”,
      “analysts”: “Buy”,
      “dividend”: “Hold”,
      “sector_price”: “Sell”,
      “rsi_price”: “Buy”,
      “sent_pulse_picks”: “Hold”,
      “sent_buzz”: “Sell”,
      “overall”: “Hold”,
      “t”: 1548975953,
      “n”: “Apple Inc”

StockPulse’s new API documentation

The new API documentation website for API version 3 lists all endpoints that are available in older versions as well as all newly added endpoints. There is a new item in the menu on the left side „NEW IN VERSION 3“ where all new endpoints are listed with a short description. This provides a quick overview of all new features and available new data sets.

We have also implemented an improved user management which allows us to upgrade single accounts or a class of accounts to newer versions. Please get in touch if you are interested to test our new API.

Documentation for StockPulse’s API version 3